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Funky Town is a professional live music band able to recreate the atmosphere of a funky soul revue of the period from 60s to 80s with quality music made of cover songs and some original own tracks.

A dream, an emotion, a style, a memory, a passion…….Funky Town is all this.

Masters’ trails that we want to walk, an old artistic way that we want to follow again, new arrangements, new ideas and new old songs to play to the audience…

Places we always wanted to be…. New Orleans bars, Chicago music halls, the Memphis scene, New York and London night clubs…let’s take people to those places while listening to our music.

We are quite popular in the North East of Italy for our shows called “Soul Night” where we play in clubs and in different events some classic soul and r’nb tracks to create a romantic atmosphere as well as unforgettable funky and disco tunes that make the audience dance and sing and party.

In this website you may find information, pictures and videos of our shows and music.

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342 6292777

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Funky Town are composed by musicians with international experience, fluent in English with great stage presence.

This grants a great performance bringing any audience to join the party and have fun !

We usually perform with a full live band with line up from 6 to 9 elements or in certain selected situations even in trio (acoustic or club formula with modern arrangements and digital rhythm section).


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